Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nigel, Stella & Endicott (Australia)

Favourite treats? Nigel - Red Peppers and BANANA! Stella - Cucumber and BANANA Endicott - Parsley, Parsley, Parsley and anything green (especially if it tastes like parsley) oh, and carrots, especially if it's cut like long slim cigarettes - watch them disappear inch by inch!

If our bunnies were people..... Nigel would be a restaurant critic - quite the connesseur - or an architect - always a plan for those boxes (but had an unheathly fixation on water features). Stella - would be a private eye (if you saw her you would undertstand) very curious but prefers to hide in the shadows and watch - her cover is in a job as a court stenographer -furiously typing with total focus. Endicott is - Geraldo Rivera - unashamedly in the middle of whatever drama is going on and totally inappropriate!

Favourite toy?? Nigel - Stella was his favorite toy and toy boy. Apart from the occasional renovation, he was the love god! Nigel was also quite the music lover - for some reason the Bossa Nova really did it for him - hours on end spent on the fluffy rug, ears turned to the speakers. A bit of the crooning Chris Isaak also seemed to help him feel groovy! Stella's favourite toy was Nigel - loved being Nigel's toy boy/girl, also loved his slinky and a bit of box work! Endi would probably enjoy telly if he/she could sit still for long enough! Endi - loves boxes, sticks, fingers, feet, anything that can be moved with or without an associated ouch! Quite likes telly, but would rather get his choppers on the remote for other reasons than choice of channel.

Nigel reminds me of Greta Garbo - all red pepper lips and " I want to be alone" attitude. Stella reminds me of Anne Bancroft as Mrs Robinson - quite the seductress, yet a little sad and misunderstood. Endicott would be Tom Cruise - lots of teeth and really 'out there' but just a tad creepy really..... very very nice and polite on the surface, but something's not quite right...

Nigel was found under a car in a very busy street, and we didn't intend on keeping him. But the surrealism of him bouncing up the hallway or sitting and listening to music, his ears turned towards the speakers was too gorgeous. Then we realised we couldn't part with him, because we would always worry about him. So then we did a lot a research and it became clear no rabbit should be kept alone - they definitely need another of their kind - no matter how much love you give - rabbits give it in a very particular way. Then we saw a poor little bald rabbit in a horrid pet shop, being bullied by another rabbit and we knew she had to be saved. We had read so much about how rabbits don't get on and fight so we were very nervous, but the night they met, they took one look at each other, touched noses and then did a courtship under the dining table that was really a whirlwind relationship! And they slurped over each other every day since. And as it turned out, they were both fellas! Once Stella had been done, Nigel didn't have as many headaches (if you've had rabbits before you know what that means). Seeing them together and happy was the best gift - knowing we had done the right thing for both of them. We first thought that looking after two rabbits would be twice the work, but it actually halves it, because they get so much love and fun from each other! One little favourite memory I have of Nigel was the morning he completely forgot his manners when I was tucked up in bed with a hot cross bun. the smell of hot sultanas must have got the better of him. All I remember is being eye level with one singleminded white rabbit bounding across the bed, pushing my plate down with his front paws and making off with my bun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chewy & Tasha (USA)

Chewy & Tasha's favourite treats are apples & apple wood twigs.

If Chewy was human, he would be a roofer because he likes to climb up high and look out over the yard. Tasha would be a drag race car driver because she likes to run fast for short distances.

Their favourite toys are twigs because they can throw them and carry them around and enjoy the taste of bark.

If I was to liken them to tv characters, they would be the "odd couple" because they are as different as night and day.

One day I turned my back on my bunny who was out in my garden, and he disappeared. I had three cages in the garden, and I stood by the tallest cage, calling his name. All of the sudden, my rabbit jumped down from the roof of the tallest cage in front of me, scaring me to death. It was as if he was pretending he was Super Bunny! He had figured out how to get on top of the shortest cage, jump to the next cage and go to the roof of the tallest cage, which was almost as tall as I am. I looked down at him, worried he might have hurt himself. No need to worry. He jumped up in the air, just to show off and hopped away like nothing happened.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wascally (Australia)

Wascally's favourite treat is beans.

If Wascally was a person, he would work in an office as he's always shredding paper.

Amber, Jasmine, Billy & Harvey (UK)

Our bunnies favourite treats are loads of fresh veggies.

If they were people, Amber would be a school teacher as she can look quite serious sometimes. Jasmine would be a model as she likes posing. Billy would be a racing car driver as he is always speeding around the garden. Harvey would be an actor as he has escaped from the garden twice and we have said he should be in the Great Escape..

If I would liken them to someone famous, Billy would be Sterling Moss the racing driver.. Harvey reminds me of Steve McQueen..

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Harry & Charlie (USA)

Harry & Charlie's favourite treat is banana!

If they were human, Harry would be a comedian as he makes everyone laugh all the time! Charlie would be a secretary, she loves organizing and helping people (and toys) out.

Harry's favourite toy is a ferret tunnel, he loves to dig and roll around in it. Charlie's is a dried grass nest, she loves sticking her head in it.

If I was to liken them to a sportsperson/entertainer, Harry would be a high jumper, he jumps everything! Charlie would be a diva, she only eats and plays with the best of the best.

Once Harry jumped the fence and landed on Charlie's cage. She was sitting in her litter box looking up with such a look of disgust, it was priceless!

Lady & Brownie (USA)

Lady & Brownie's favourite treat is apple!

If they were human, Lady would be a model because she is very pretty and she is all white with a mole on her face and Brownie would be a chef because he loves to eat!

Their favourite toys are tubes!!! They love to run thru them!!

If I was to liken them to a movie/tv star, Lady loves and idols Marilyn Monroe! Brownie idols any of the cooking chefs on tv!! (ha)

Muffin & Lint (Australia)

Muffin & Lint's favourite treats are (dog) chocolate and dandelions.

If Muffin was human she would be a confectionary tester because she loves to lick things, even untested stuff such as floors or backpacks. Lint would be a criminal, paranoid about being caught doing all the bad things he does.

A bamboo hoop is their favourite toy because I have taught them to go through it for treats. They also love being creative with cardboard.

Lint is an all-round athlete. He loves to run fast and without warning, as well as to jump up to a metre high. Muffin is like a spoilt celebrity, extremely demanding but also very pretty and affectionate.

The funniest thing I have ever seen was when Muffin fell into the bath! It wasn't very deep, but she couldn't get out of it. Then we found her, wrapped her up in a towel, and got her dried out. She looked like a rat because all her fur was matted down with water! It still doesn't stop her playing around the edge...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Angel & Snowflake

"Angel & Snowflake love sunflower seeds, parsley, hay & cardboard boxes.

If they were people, Angel would be a princess and Snowflake would be an athlete.

Their favourite toys are cardboard boxes.

If I likened them both to a tv character, Angel reminds me of Lisa (The Simpsons) because she is very smart and wants everything to be perfect. Snowflake reminds me of Donny (Wild Thornberrys) because he's such a funny bunny and totally unpredictable.

One day my sister and I had gone to pony club and dad had let the rabbits run around anywhere they wanted outside as he worked in the shed. When we got home from pony club dad said Snowflake did somthing amazing. He told us that she had managed to get into the hutch. How was it possible? The door was shut, it was about 30 cm off the ground and only the lid was open. There was nothing she could climb up to get in. When my friends came over later that day she said she saw Snowflake under the hutch so she had picked her up and put her back in the hutch!! It was so funny I fell onto the floor and laughed!!"

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ally & Pancake

"Ally & Pancake love sultanas, especially Ally who will jump on my chest to get one.

I think that if Ally was human he would be an IT consultant and run triathlons on the weekends as he's very quiet but extremely athletic. Pancake would be a hairdresser as she's very social and loves a chat.

Both Ally & Pancake love cardboard boxes to chew and climb on. Ally uses them as ladders to get to higher spots so he can sit up high and watch what's going on below.

If I were to liken these two to a human character, Pancake would be more like a film star - possibly Marilyn Monroe or Bridget Bardot as she's kind of ditzy but glamorous. Ally would be Cary Grant or Fred Astaire as he's such a gentleman.

One of my favourite things about these two is how much in love they are. In the afternoons I find them cuddled up together giving each other kisses. They are just the most beautiful couple in the world!"

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bob Gorgeous & Isobella Bunny

"Bob's favourite treats are sugar-free breakfast cereals and Isobel loves any kind of lettuce.

If they were human, Bob would be an Olympic Gymnast or an Acrobat in a circus. Isobel is a motherly type. I see her as a stay-at-home mum, cleaning the house and feeding her babies and keeping them out of trouble.

Bob's favourite toy is this roly-poly bird toy that has a bell in it. He is always putting it in his food to stop the bell from ringing. Izzy's favourite is a giant toy bunny that lives in her cage. She takes him everywhere with her - even in the garden.

Bob reminds me of Neo from the Matrix. He can do binkies that defy gravity. Isobel reminds me of Professor McGonnagal from Harry Potter - everything has to be in order and you have to make sure you learn your lesson from her or you get detention!

My favourite story is when I let them both out for some binkies and to run around. I turned around and saw Bob (who was "Bossy" at the time) humping Izzy quite vigorously. I picked her/him up and saw something that wasn't supposed to be there. And guess who is now having bunnies for Xmas?! Well, this was my favourite story because I never wanted a boy bunny because I thought he wouldn't be right for me - how wrong I was! Bob is loved by everyone and I am actually glad he is a boy or else he wouldn't be the fantastic bunny that he is!"